InterNACHI Inspector Item #2.

An entire case (40 books) of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” books. List price $100.

Bid as often as you like, but each bid should be greater than the highest bid so far.

No buyer premium.

InterNACHI will pay the shipping.

The money goes to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice.

InterNACHI’s Inspector Auction works like a live auction. It ends when I can’t get any more bidding for a while. I’ll warn you with a “Going once” post. Then a second warning with a “Going twice” post.

Can I get a $20 bill?


I have $10 from Dominic.

Do I hear $15?

Fifty dollars

I have $50 from Dan.

Lookin’ for $55.

Free shipping.

$60 is the newest.

Great books to give out.

I have $60 from Bob.

Do I hear $65?

I’ll go $65 for Alzheirmer’s disease


$120 … Roy

Now thats the way charity auctions are suppose to go!

$200, did not read post full. I missed this is charity action. Come on guys this a win win opportunity.

$201.00 Roy

I have $201 from Roy.

$201 going once…

$201 going twice…

SOLD to Roy.

Lisa will call you.

Congratulatuon Roy. That $1 trick got me. Your generous spirit shines through today.

I made the donation in your name Roy.