InterNACHI inspectors booth at Home Show in San Antonio, Texas on October 24, 2013.

Inspectors booth manned by member Joseph W. Keresztury

Thanks Joe!

Thanks Nick, I received a big package today from ya’ll for the vendors fair I have for next week. Just wanna say thankyou and that it was above and beyond what I expected.
For others to know, I sent an email request to Nachi for any help they could offer for a large community vendors fair that I had signed up for. Within minutes Nick responded about how they could and would help. I sent more info as requested and then Nick sent message for Lisa to verify she was sending needed displays, info, etc. What is most impressive is that I had already ordered some things from the Nachi Store for this function (that has since been delivered) and part of todays complimentary Nachi package I received included more of what I had ordered besides everything else sent that included displays and handouts. Thanks again Nick, Lisa and Nachi. I will give update about next weeks vendors fair afterwards.

Photos from Inspection Booth at Vendors Fair at Alamo Ranch in San Antonio, Texas today.