InterNACHI is now the largest provider of ICC-approved courses.

InterNACHI is now the largest provider of International Code Council (ICC)-approved courses:

Hello Nick,

Assuming these are prep courses and/or individual certifications? Are they a path to an overall certification?

Whats the difference between the courses in the link you provided and this link:

Just needing a little clarification.



We don’t know anything about the courses on that page but it looks like descriptions are provided for those courses. We only know about our courses.

If you don’t know about others courses, then how can you claim NACHI is the largest? what stats are you going by?


Number of hours.

Hours is different then number of courses.
Also where is that data found?


If you click on each of our 70 ICC-approved courses from you will be taken to a landing page for that course. Scroll down to a graph which has the estimated time it takes to complete that particular course for the average student. Those hours are determined by a formula published by the federal government. Do that for all 70 courses and add up the total number of hours.

Yes that is correct, but you said you had no idea about the courses in the link to the icc courses, you know only about nachi courses. So back to my original question and your Statement "InterNACHI is now the largest provider of ICC-approved courses."

Where is any data that backs up and proves that claim?

Don’t get me wrong, I want it to be true, I promote nachi and use all it’s benefits on a daily basis wen marketing our services and skills, BUT I need to be able to prove everything I say and claim as the truth thus I need actual data proof of this claim you are making.


You can go to ICC’s website and look at all the approved course providers. There is only one that even comes close to InterNACHI in terms of number of courses (Wood Association) but a quick glance at the length of those courses will reveal that they are nearly all, very short mini courses. So no other approved course provider comes even close to InterNACHI’s 70 ICC-approved, full-length courses. It’s evident with a click scan by eye, no need to add the hours up if you don’t want to.

Good job getting ICC to approve NACHI courses for CEUS. Now please move forward and get NACHI classes submitted and approved by BCIAB (building code inspectors and administrators board) and CILB (construction industry licensing board) here in Florida. You will then have all the code guys join NACHI just for their CEUS. Even though the contractors are exempt from home inspector licensing, they can still get their CEUS here.

Our Wind Mitigation course is CILB approved.

I’ll have our team apply for BCIAB approval.

Already approved:

OK Got ya, Very very cool

Thanks Nick…NACHI Rocks The World once again !!


Ok. That’s good. What courses have you submitted to BCAIB? Many of the courses would be relevant for code inspectors.