InterNACHI member discount code for Vegas Convention.

This year’s Vegas Convention is already much less expensive than previous years (only $299) and you can get 10% off of that (bringing the price of the event down to $269).

To get the InterNACHI discount code, email me and I’ll send it to you.

Then go here to register:

Thanks Nick you’re fast!

Message sent. Thanks in advance.

He was infused with some Herbal Life this past Thursday!!

Just Curious…Wanting to know what is the feeling and thoughts about the conference this year are? Do you plan on attending? Was the 20th anniversary last year the beginning of the end? Also, did the delay in getting any information out on a timely basis influence your decision to go or not? I personally am unsure about attending this year… I have attended the last 2 years had a great time and was beneficial.

So… just how will Professional Equipment be in attendance when they soldout to Grainger and are now out-of-business?

Here is their contact page: I don’t have any details about the event.

No Poker tournament or Bowling ?