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This is cool. Thanks

I don’t think I can do it in Korea.

Is it in Canada, or the US only?

안녕, 김 만나서 반가워요.

래리 케이지

How are you?

잘 지내고 있죠?

ht be time to consider a new vehicle.

네,하지만 3 개의 갈비뼈가 부러져 흉골에서 공간적으로 분리되었습니다.
그러나 나는 치유하고 운이 좋다.
잘 지내고 싶습니까?

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Glad things are feeling better, Larry! :wink:

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I’m not there yet. I just found out that the broken ribs separated from my sternum some, too. 8 to 10 weeks…hopefully less… acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Thanks for your good wishes, Junior!

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