InterNACHI membership in Canada tops 1,300 inspectors.

Proud to be the only InterNachi member in Thunder Bay, Ontario

If I joined today would I become the 614th member in Ontario even before I start any of the training? Do you keep any stats regarding how many of your members have completed the training and certification requirements to become Certified Professional Inspectors and how many are actually working as inspectors?

Answered in order asked:

Yes, you’d be an invisible student member.

Andrew, The InterNACHI training is very accurate, and very relevant. Ben and his team work hard to keep it updated and has continued to ensure that where possible it meets with Canadian generic requirements. It’s going to be the best return on investment for education you’ll ever spend.

I don’t doubt that. I was just curious how many of the 1,300 “members” are actually certified and performing paid inspections.

Most. For example, here are our visible, certified inspectors in just the province of Ontario alone: