InterNACHI’s 2020 Online Christmas Party: Gifts Donated by Industry Vendors

This is wonderful!

Looking forward to this opportunity to interact and talk to people.

Thank you to Bill Janis of Empowered Point of Sale, Inc., for donating:

One (1) $100 Gift Card


This should be fun!


Welcome to all the Newbies, Enjoy. :grinning:

tenor (11)

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Can’t wait. Always fun.

Looking forward to this festive event! Thank you!

Welcome (back) to our forum Danny, Sean, Erik and Giacinta!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you to Kenton Shepard of InterNACHI Narrative Library for donating: PDF PUBLICATIONS:

One (1) Report Writing Guide (PDF) $19.99 value
One (1) Field Guide for the Inspection of Asphalt Shingles (PDF) $19.99 value;
One (1) Field Guide for the inspection of Tile Roofs (PDF) $14.99 value;
One (1) Field Guide for the inspection of Wood Roofs (PDF) $14.99 value;
One (1) Field Guide for the inspection of Slate Roofs (PDF) $14.99 value;
One (1) Log Home Inspection Checklist (PDF) $29.99 value;
Learn more about the Checklist and Guides:

CUSTOM DIGITAL TEMPLATES (templates are valued at $129.99 each)
InterNACHI Narrative Library templates for the following inspection software:

One (1) Spectora;
One (1) IHome Inspector Pro;
One (1) HomeGauge;
One (1) Tap Inspect;
One (1) Spectacular;
One (1) WhisperReporter;
One (1) IWord & Excel formats (any software)
Learn more about the templates:


This looks like it will be a lot of fun! Howdy from Lecanto, FL and Professional Home Inspections of Florida!

First time posting! I’m preparing to take the NHIE in January and starting my own business in 2021. InterNACHI has been awesome and I’m excited about the virtual Christmas party this week!

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Hello- Jon Here… First-time poster. I just got certified from InterNachi and am excited about this online Christmas party. I am just starting my business so I need a lot of stuff !

How exactly does this party pop (operate)?
How often are gifts given away?

Jon McGuckin, CPI
Nest~ Home Inspection Services
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Welcome to our forum Fielding and John!..Enjoy!

It is all day on the 10th and you should be ready at 12 am to start,

It will be something like this: “The firs 3 members that post their name and address will win ___________ blah blah”.

Good luck!

Thank you to Rusty Craig of EZ Home Inspection Software
for donating:

5 (five) Amazon Gift cards $50 each


Way to go Rusty Craig of EZ Home Inspection Software!

More warm kids!

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Wait… there is specific software to inspect mobile homes ??!
There is so much to learn, I’ll never get a hang of it…

Thank you to Spectora for donating:

Two (2) 1 Month of Free Spectora Software
Two (2) $100 Amazon Gift Cards
Two (2) $100 off a website
One (1) Website/SEO Audit
Two (2) $200 Spectora credit towards anything (for new users only)
One (1) One winner gets to be a guest on Kevin’s podcast


Thank you to Horizon Home Inspection Software by Carson Dunlop for donating:

Ten (10) Home Reference eBook $45 value
Ten (10) Illustrated Home eBook $59 value


What time do the festivities start on Thursday? Thanks, John