InterNACHI will soon be offering free logo design services for members

Starting next week, the InterNACHI Marketing Department will be offering free logo design services for all members.

This is an amazing opportunity. Stay tuned for more details.

Just what I need is a good logo.

Please sign me up :slight_smile:

We’ll also be introducing a new staffer. He is a logo specialist. He’ll be working directly for Jesse, the Director of InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department. His services are offered free to all members.

I’am looking forward to seeing his work

What happened to our member that was doing them all over the forum this winter?

He was an intern. Lost to the world as the Shakers used to say.

just keeps getting better…Thank you


Jesse will have InterNACHI’s Inspection Business Logo Library launched by next week.

I was the first customer. Great work. I’m going to ask for one little change and then I’ll post it. Thanks Nick!

Hope this poor fella is resting up! He’s about to have his hands full! I can’t imagine him being able to find the time to customize so many logos. EVERYBODY is gonna want to at-least see what he can come up with for a logo idea since it’s free.

This could result in him just throwing logo’s out as quick as they come in to simply try an keep up. Heck I don’t really know though. I don’t even know how many folks stay active with such opportunities. I’d think a $25 fee might do more good than bad but then again I’m not complaining. No complains about free benefits!

I look forward to it.

Brandon Clark writes:

It’s all about finding the right people. Look what Jesse has accomplished in the short time she’s been on staff:

Anyway, the master plan is to combine Jesse’s brochures, the new member logos, and together so that each member has a uniform, fully integrated marketing presence.

I’m interested in cleaning-up my logo.

I’m interested in getting more information. I also would like help with my logo.

I’m interested. How can I get involved?

I’m definitely interested in this service. Might be a little back logged but I’m sure it will be worth the wait after looking over some of the work that has been completed. Great effort! Great Job!

Had mine in one day. Jesse is now working on the rest of it. I’m on hold due to my daughter getting married this weekend but they are working overtime. No backlog yet.

I wouldn’t mind revamping my logo too.

I’m definitely interested as well. i’m looking forward to it