InterNACHI's 2024 Convention in Orlando, Florida on October 10-12, 2024

Next year InterNACHI’s 2024 Pro Inspectors Convention is coming to Orlando on October 12-14, 2024.

Stay tuned for more information!

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What does it cost to go to these conventions? Also, can I bring my wife to it as well?

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Moranda, your post says October 12-14 while the thread title and banner says October 10-12.


Larry, back in ~2005 my bride and I went to some conventions. She went to much of the convention with me including some classes and did her own thing sometimes, too. We stayed on site at Disney 1 time and off site, but close, the other.

Disney was more $ but more convenient…about $1,000/day hotel plus food. I don’t remember what it cost for the convention, but add that in, too.

Off site but within 5-10 miles was about $2-300/day hotel plus food & convention.

It was in the winter so it was slower in northern Michigan and we made a couple great road trips out of it, visiting family and friends along the way and back. Each time spending ~month on the road touring sites of interest.

They can be a good time.

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