InterNACHI's Free Ladder Safety Resources for Inspectors

March is National Ladder Safety Month! It’s important to exercise extreme caution while using a ladder, as a fall from a ladder can lead to serious injury. InterNACHI home inspectors are not required to use ladders. Inspectors can increase their personal safety by using the three-point control method in addition to following other accepted ladder safety standards.

InterNACHI® provides free resources with helpful tips for ladder safety, which include inspection articles and InterNACHI’s free, online Ladder Safety Training Course provided by the only home inspector college (

:white_check_mark: InterNACHI’s Free Online Ladder Safety Training Course
:white_check_mark: Inspector Safety: Three-Point Control for Climbing Ladders
:white_check_mark: Ladder Safety Article



Moranda, are these ladder safety courses open to the general public, as long as they register with InterNACHI?

I took and passed this course on March 15th,.2012 (almost 11 years ago to the date) and reviewed the material several times. Great course, especially for newbies entering the profession.
Hands down InterNACHI is the best Home Inspector Association on the planet and their education is second to none.

I’d like to say Thank You InterNACHI for right at 13 years this May.


Hi Robert,

The ladder safety course is open to all InterNACHI members! The articles are open to the public.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for being a member of InterNACHI for 13 years!

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Yes Ma’am, thank you all for having me.
InterNACHI is the best thing that has happened to me other than my daughter Autumn Rain. Nothing has ever made me as happy as InterNACHI, except for a few wild sexual encounters I had in between my 2 marriages.