InterNACHI's free national convention now has 1,800 home inspectors registered.


Professional Inspectors Convention | InterNACHI’s Annual Convention

Good morning Sir,

I just passed my FL state exam and became a member of InterNACHI and was wondering if the national convention would benefit me since I am so new in the industry? I am planning to attend the conventions just not sure about this one in Atlantic City, NJ. Thanks in advance,

Dewey Vinaya

Professional Inspectors Convention | InterNACHI’s Annual Convention . It’s insane. Workshops, demonstrations, all the best presenters, a packed vendor hall, FL DBPR-approved, and free.

If you want “Death by PowerPoint” there are a couple other mini-societies holding their conventions in California in the near future. You are given free smelling salts at the door… and you’ll need them.

Fair enough, 23 years in the Army I am done with power point presentations. Thank you for your time.

Since I have you on, what do you recommend for a new inspector when it comes to moister tester, temp gun, specialty items like that we need need in the field. Researching tools but dont really know what brands are user friendly and dependable.


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