InterNACHI's live, online Inspection Auction item #7: Infrared Thermometer.

Bid as often as you like, but each bid should be greater than the highest bid so far.

No buyer premium.

InterNACHI will pay the shipping.

The money goes to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice.

InterNACHI’s Inspector Auction works like a live auction. It ends when I can’t get any more bidding for a while. I’ll warn you with a “Going once” post. Then a second warning with a “Going twice” post.

I’ll start the bidding off with $5.


I have $5. Can I get $10?

I’ll go $10

I’ll go to $25.00

I have $25. Do I hear $30?

Remember: You get the item, we pay for the shipping, and I donate the money to the charity of your choice in your name.

I bid $30.


$35 going once…


$40 going once…

Bradley E. Gotham
Granite Peak Inspection, Inc.
Washington State Licensed Home Inspector # 554
WSDA Structural Pest Inspector License # 78889
InterNachi Certified Home Inspector # NACHI09091501
ITC Certified Infrared Thermographer
(509)-684-5827 office
(509)-675-4620 cell

$45 going once…

$45 going twice…

SOLD to Bradley for $45.

Smooth move . Like cameras I always carried two in Case one did not work .
Great to give the client they feel they are doing things and the Cats love to chase the red spot too.

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Donation Amount: $45.00
This is in honor of: Bradley E. Gotham
Payment Information
Name: Nick Gromicko
Address: 1750 30th St.
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Phone: (720) 272-8578
Credit Card: Visa
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These auctions are a great idea. Thanks Nick and all of the staff for such an awesome and inspiring idea.