InterNACHI's live, online Inspection Auction item #9: Military surplus.

New military jacket liners, jackets, military wool blankets, etc. They are all new and appear to be men’s medium size. 5 Israeli gas masks. Great if you have kids who like to play Army or also a nice addition to your emergency preparation gear.

Bid as often as you like, but each bid should be greater than the highest bid so far.

No buyer premium.

InterNACHI will pay the shipping.

The money goes to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice.

InterNACHI’s Inspector Auction works like a live auction. It ends when I can’t get any more bidding for a while. I’ll warn you with a “Going once” post. Then a second warning with a “Going twice” post.

Yuuuuuup!! $5 here!

Anyone want to bid $10?


I have $10, can I get $12.50?

$15 Bucks

I sweetened the pot (and changed the PIC) for you preppers. I’ve added 5 Israeli gas masks.

Can I get $20 now?

Free shipping and the $20 goes to the charity of your choice.

$20 bucks

$25 here

$35 bucks

$40 is a deal,

$45 is a deal too

Edit Nick, this auction thing is a great idea.

How about $50

$55 dollars, Still a deal!

$60 bucks

$60 going once…

$60 going twice…


$65 :wink: