InterNACHI's monster inspector website topped 140 million hits today.

280,000+ pages long.

1.3 million post message board.

47,000+ registered message board users.

200+ inspection courses that have been awarded 1,400+ governmental accreditations and approvals:

Dang Nick I think you guys should be doing some honest to God chest thumping. Way to go!

I’m in awe. I can hardly believe what InterNACHI grew into.

I would say the The majority of the credit is yours:-)
{And your very talented staff} :slight_smile:

Most people are sleeping between midnight and five in the morning.….But if people look at your past and present posts they will see that you put in a lot of work during those hours!

Way to go Nick!

U DA Man!!!:D;)

Absolutely Fantastic Nick and Staff!!!

Cool beans!
Keep up the good work! :smiley: