InterNACHI's plain English version of Inspection Agreement revised 11-4-2015.

It now works for states and provinces that have adopted and mandated their own Standards of Practice:

One comment after a glance.

“You will pay us …” at the start of the agreement.

It maybe legally fine but seems clumsy to me and possibly off putting to a client.

I could tell you how to word that better but then I’d be on the clock!

I hear what your saying. That’s fairly common language in the “plain English” legal movement. The movement seeks to remove all misunderstandings by consumers.

Sure, I think that has its merits of course, but there are better and worse ways to phrase or construct anything written.

Line 6 is a no go in California… maybe other places.

The last sentence in paragraph #6 is what makes it legal to have in your contract in California. Has to be worded exactly like it is.

From California’s Bus and Prof codes…

Nick, I read line 6 of Nachi’s agreement… and I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the snippet below, how does this not contradict?


Thanks for updating.

Looks great, now if we could start turning the other agreements into plain english. I’ve had a few comments about how the HI contract was great and easy to read, but what the hell is up with the Radon agreement! I almost hate putting them in the same contract.


Seems a comma, or a pause is missing here. Maybe I’m not reading it correctly. Not trying to be a critic.

. If you or
any person acting on your behalf provide the report to a third party who then sues you and/or us, you release us for any liability, agree to pay our costs and
legal fees in defending any action naming us.

Well that worked well. Not.

Seems a comma is missing after the word liability. I added the comma in the pasted part. I tried to highlight it. Didn’t work.