IR/INFO 2008 Conference

I’m going to this conference. Anyone else going?

If you attend the conference, you recieve a Full tuition voucher (a $1695 value) for one open enrollment Level I class



I would go but I am holding out for the interNACHI convention…

If we ever have one, it would be nice to plan.

Hi Kevin,

I hope to meet you at this event.

Not a bad deal at all. I’d love to go.

If anyone attends this IR convention for the low fee of $995.00, they receive lots of training, they get to meet quite a few thermographers and they receive a FREE certificate to attend a Level 1 certification course.

Wow…where can you get a better deal than that? Not here…

I wish the location was a tad closer. If I did go, I’d have to purchase the motel and flight tickets twice. Once for the conference and once for the Level 1 certification. In my situation, I’m better off attending the Flir Level 1 certification. Flir is only twenty minutes away. No motel, no flight.

Have a great time guys, I’m jealous.

Hope to see you there as well.


I hope to see you both there

Please RSVP if you plan on attending.


It’s official…I just registered for the conference and sent you an email confirming my attendance at the InterNACHI meeting on the 14th.

See you then :slight_smile:

If anyone else is going to this conference, please let me know and we can meet up.