IR/INFO 2011 - Don't Miss The IR Conference of the Year!

Dear All:

Thank you to everyone who has registered for IR/INFO 2011. This year’s conference is shaping up to be our best one yet.

In addition to a wealth of technical information and short courses, there are a number of social events scheduled in conjunction with the conference that will provide opportunities to socialize, make new friends, and have some fun.

Included in the price of admission are Sunday evening’s Welcome Reception and Tuesday evening’s IRINFO Group Social at Epcot.

Available as conference extras are our annual Golf Outing and Bass Fishing on Crescent Lake. During our last conference, both of these were hugely successful and everyone had a lot of fun! Due to limited space, advance registration for these events is recommended.

For those who have not registered for the conference, there is still time to do so by calling Infraspection directly or visiting us online at

We look forward to seeing all of you there!

If anyone is interested in sharing/splitting a room than please give me a call. I have a room booked for 4 nights for the United Infrared EquineIR module prior to the IR/INFO conference an then I have a room booked for Sun-Mon-Tues night at IR/INFO.

I don’t plan on being in the room very much during either event and I don’t snore or stink. I’m really not liking the $950 hotel costs so if anyone else is interested in saving a little money than give me a holler.

Please provide proof…:mrgreen:

I don’t chase little round balls around the horse pasture and gave up on fishing but sure hope the weather is warm

You just never know. Saturday it was 74. Today we will be lucky to see 50 and it dipped below 32 last night. Last year we had the longest cold spell I have ever experienced since moving here in 74. This is the coldest December I can recall in that time.

Crud Greg I can stay home and see those kinds of temps if you guys want tourist money need to crank up the heat;-):wink:

I am guessing that you did not get a room under the special room block fee. That is insane for a room for all those nights.

Anyway…see you there!

Well if your just going to the IR/INFO Conference than you can cut that $950 figure in half.

I did get the special room block fee for $120+tax/night for 3 nights(instead of 4) which was $410. That seems like alot but it’s actually a good deal considering without the Conference discount the rooms are over $300+tax/night.

The other big chunk comes from needing to fly into Orlando on the 5th to start the EquineIR class on the 6th. Four nights at $90 was another $360

$1100 Conference
2500 EquineIR 520 Flight
410 Hotel 360 Hotel
$ 300 Food/Internet

$5,190 = my Christmas Vacation present to myself.

It’s all good though. Business has been good lately and you gotta spend it to make it!

You can get a much better deal on a room if you get away from the Disney property. Anywhere along rt 192 near disney. You should be able to get a nice room for less than $50 per night.