Is it neutral bonded?

Help! Yesterday I inspected a condo unit (around 70 apartments in one building). I am not sure if there is something special: the neutral bus bar are not bonded with panel.

Is it possible like in a remote panel, the neutral not bonding with the subpanel?

Is that the service or a panel in the unit. Can’t tell anything from the poor angle of the photo. How many wires fed the panel?

The label will show the bond location.

It’s not bonded and since there is no main I would assume that it should not be bonded as this is a sub-panel. Some wider shot photo’s would help.

Thanks a lot, guys. There are only three wires go in to the panel. The panel is in the unit.

I will go to inspect another condo unit today. see if there is some difference happened. And post back here.

Look for the service disconnect at the meter location. You have a sub panel inside the unit, and the neutrals should not be bonded to the enclosure. Very common setup for condos.

Most larger condo buildings have the service equipment contained in an access controlled electrical closet. The individual units just have distribution panels.

Is the conduit metallic?

That was my guess, the raceway is serving as the EGC with a 3-wire feeder.

Just like you and Bradley said, the unit panel just like a sub panel. The panel not bonded.
Today there is another condo panel like that.