Is it possible to rename lists?

…What the title asks.

Yes or just make a new one.

Renaming would be easier than redoing. I was actually hoping for a description of how to do it if possible :s

Go to edit comments.

Open any comment as if you were going to edit it.

Along the top of the comment box, the 2nd button from the left is “Edit Lists”

From there, you can create, delete, edit lists.

Humm…I guess you can’t actually rename an existing list though. :neutral:

Although, does it matter? The name of the list doesn’t appear on the report, just the comment.

I named years age… But I want the one I call age to be numeric numbers and I want to rename age to year. I’m ocd. I’ll just remake it. But I’m sure it’s stores in a file somewhere.

Yes it would be stored in a file somewhere. But changing the underlying code is not something that will ever be allowed. One wrong step and you could easily corrupt the program and that would cause more problems and work for programmers trying to figure out exactly what you did.

I was on my device first response, looking at it now, I guess not. Ian is right about the name too.

Glad you posted this I did just find the new(?) ‘sort’ button which moved all of the lists to alphabetical order, which is something I have been wanting to do for months, Just haven’t had the time.

Well, you can actually change some of the menu names and cover page, client info menu titles, etc through editing files within the program. Most of it seems to be written in html, so I would think editing the list name would be quite basic if I just knew the file. Regardless, I’ve beaten this dead horse to a pulp now and will just redo the ones I want renamed from scratch again :slight_smile:

There’s no way to rename it right now but it’s definitely on the todo list. It involves scanning through every comment in the template to update everywhere it’s referenced so it wasn’t a simple change.

Sort button has been there a long time.

Now that the list function goes super smoothly in the mobile version, I have to spend some time reacquainting myself with the built in lists. I had previously given up on them due to them being too much trouble in mobile.

Keep feeding us good ideas and the program will keep getting better :smiley:

My number 1 pet peeve right now is downloading to desk top.

I download the file.

Then I have to click OK to I understand it’s finished.
Then I have to click OK to to I understand which folder it went to.
Then I to click open inspection and navigate to the folder.
Then I have to click on the inspection i want to open.
Then click “Ok” again.

It’s a huge waste of time and clicks to do something simple.

Why can’t it just have an option to open the inspection automatically as soon as it is downloaded?

The first two you listed are only one click (are you on HIP 4.7?). I think you’re missing the choose where to save it click.

We have to let people know the save is complete as if the program just closed and went away people wouldn’t know what happened if they had turned away. After getting tons of support calls asking what to do next we added the save reminder as part of the save click.

We could add a button to auto download and then open it but we’d need to let people know the open is completed (a click).

At most I see that adding 2, maybe 3 clicks once an inspection. I can definitely add it to the to-do button but I’m wondering if I’m missing something. That should be about 15 seconds max of extra time per job. Am I missing something?

Moving the black and red buttons above the comments field and below the tabs would save a ton of mouse movement.


If I down load a .pdf, a word file, an excel file, and just about any other file via a typical browser, I don’t have to go through so many steps. Click download, click on the downloaded icon and it opens.

No reason HIP can’t catch up with the way every other file works. :wink:

It’s not a matter of not being able to do it. There’s a reason it works that way. For example, let’s say you’re doing a joint job with anther inspector. You have your inspection already open and download the second from the cloud to import it into yours. If it automatically opened the second, then you’d no longer have the first open you meant to have. You could also be working on another inspection already and not have saved yet. We’d then have to popup a save (another click) before opening.

That’s why I said “option” in bold italics. Make it a check box for those few cases out there where it’s not ideal.

It’s a lot of extra clicks, wear and tear on the wrist, etc, just to do something that should be simple.

Gotcha. Let me see what we can figure out!

15 seconds x 300 is 1hr and 15 minutes per year that could be spent with my kids, or marketing or sleeping.

It still drives me crazy that after downloading a report, I have to navigate to the folder and open the file manually.