Is it worth replacing electric baseboard?

I have electric baseboards throughout my large house in New England. We have 13’ ceilings and as you may suspect very high electric bills. Converting over to a different type of heating system would lower the energy bill BUT this is not an option. (Long story). The baseboards were top of the line in the late 1960’s when installed. Would replacing them with newer electric baseboards lower my energy bill, if so by what %? Ceiling fans would help but by what % of my bill. I understand there are many factors in deciding the %. I’m just looking for ball park estimates. Thanks.

In short, No

Electric base boards are already 100% efficient meaning all the energy consumed is converted to heat.

The fans would help but your best bet is to limit the areas that you heat to comfortable levels.

You also need to consider improving the insulation and air sealing in the home to reduce energy losses

I have base board heating and we added a Mitsubishi Mr. Slim MSZ-FDI2NA
This is a heat pump gives us AC as well as heat works great down to about
-14°F or ( -10°C ) .
They clamed 4 times better the Base boards .
I see no advantage in changing your Resistance base board heating We kept ours for the real low temperatures very few times in our area did we need them .
This is pictures of inside and out side units .
I think we paid about $3,500;00 Canadian .
I would do the same thing again a furnace would not be good for our home

Putt in a fan from
Install wall electric heaters instead of the old style baseboard.
There are many reasons to remove the baseboard style that would take sometime to discuss. Michael is right that you get 100% of the efficiency but at a very high cost of the environment. Solar radiant design is the best but when this cannot be done the next option is what I have just given you.
The ease of operation, maximum efficiency and quiet design will reduce your energy bills considerably.:smiley:


There is a gas closed system Fire place in the Basement added before we bought the home .
We had an energy audit done on our place .
I recommend this for all homes .
I had closed in the Headers with dry wall 17 inches of insulation in attic . Sealed all air leaks including removing attic roof vents closing Gables vents .
Picture of efficiency of our Home ,Yes that is a stablok Panel and no I am not removing it … Roy

The BIGG *** fan is designed to move all the air in the room. The air wash is complete from wall to wall. This provides a savings of up to 30% in heating over no fan control. Since he spoke of old Electric rads they are energy hogs and not efficient. Some of the homes that have them get mold in the cavity of the wall behind by heating the wall directly above and in some models behind.
You should never directly heat an outside cold wall. New wall electric hanging heaters do not heat the wall but the air in front of the wall plus they are easy to clean and safer. This makes them the best option.
Yes a heat pump is a good option but not designed for real cold conditions and require a Technician and designer.:smiley:

Most of New England is warmer then Brighton and they work well here .
. In your case I agree the return on an air heat pump could be a lot different then it is for us in the south .
I still recommend an energy audit

BIGG *** FAN reseach:

Winter Heat Distribution

It’s not uncommon for the temperature to differ 20ºF from floor to ceiling in taller spaces, especially in the winter. Say you have a building with a ceiling height of 30-ft. and it seems as if the heating system is kicking on every 5 minutes. It probably is cycling more than necessary because the thermostat is at eye level but all the heat is going up! Big *** Fans gently distribute the heat trapped at the ceiling down to the floor, causing the heating system to cycle less frequently, thus reducing your heating bills by as much as 30%. With a 1 to 2 year return on investment, that’s more than enough to make you feel all warm and cozy inside.

I do agree it helps air to be moved I do have ceiling fans too but like a sales pitch they all say as much as ??? so if the fan is only improving 2% THEY ARE COVERED .
I have stopped venting my attic so I can help stop loosing the House Conditioned air .
I do believe you are in Northern Ontario so you get some $ help we do not .

Thanks for your question Dan you got us all thinking… Roy

In larger rooms a typical home depot ceiling fan (like $200 plus the wiring) will give you enough room air circulation to bring the hot air from up near the ceiling down to lower parts of the room near the floors which are cooler.