Is that a bathtub or a deep fryer?

Aaaahh, nice to lay back in a nice hot bath at the end of the day. Little too bright in here though, I’ll just reach up and…

It would be nice to have a bottle of “Wild Turkey” in me first to bare the look of all the Blue Paint…:smiley:

Well Dale, you could always use the tub upstairs :mrgreen: but you’d need a bigger bottle.

No wonder the bank foreclosed, was their a suicide in the residence?..or Overdose?..:ack!: …:lol:

Simply shocking.

Was that circuit GFCI protected? It doesn’t really change the rules but it would add a level of safety. Adding a wet location cover would make you 93 code compliant.

The outlets at the sink were GFCI protected. I don’t know about that light switch, though.