Is the home inspection profession a good career choice for women?

InterNACHI women home inspectors


I liked that. I especially liked the experiment and you’re right.

Personally, I know the majority of Female Home Inspectors across the country and in all Honesty I respect every one of them. I have 2 Female Inspectors and I’m looking for my 3rd. In my opinion they are just as dedicated as most men and even more than some.

We need more women in this profession.
I’ve been inspecting homes off and on for 28 years and I joke around sometimes and I test other Home Inspectors on their knowledge by saying that should be like that, when it shouldn’t or that shouldn’t be like that when it should. It re-inforces their knowledge on the topic and they feel powerful and almighty thinking that they’ve “One upped Me”. When I hear these young people’s replies it amazes me with their knowledge.

It’s not about the color of your skin (I have plenty of Home Inspector friends that are people of color or they may be hispanic and they are Top Notch Home Inspector’s and I respect them to no end).

Same for female Inspectors they are so smart. The only thing that I could probably add to your post on that link is that they have alot more people making sexual advances on them and thinking they are superior to the women and they are not.

Female Home Inspector’s … I love you girls, I really do. Your friendship means the world to me.

Home Inspectors of Color or a different Nationality … I love you all and your friendship to me over the years is something that I am very thankful for. Love y’all as well.

Stay safe


While the “Cons” are reasonable, I disagree with these issues being cons. I have been a female home inspector for 8 years and exposed to multiple situations of these scenarios. I’ve never looked at any of these view points as a con. I prefer to work alone. I stay aware of my surroundings and have self-defense training should I ever need to protect myself. I’ve never had a major issue as far as working with males, but I’ve always been in male dominated professions. I haven’t been in a situation where a male is forbidden to be alone with me for whatever reason. If that situation arrises, I’m sure an alternative can be made to satisfy everyone involved.

As far as confined spaces, that should be an advantage for many females since we tend to be smaller bodied and can more easily access these spaces.

I did not come from a “construction” background, but I am from an agricultural background that exposed me to many of the same items. So, while a construction background can be an asset, it’s not a requirement since exposure can come from many facets of life.

Let’s be realistic when we talk about earning money right away, those of us seasoned inspectors know it takes hustle and grind, and typically years to develop a steady income. Unlike realtors, we may get paid for every house we walk into, but the regularity of inspections takes months if not years to develop. Inspection courses are not “free”. Many states have certification requirements that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get trained and licensed.

I highly encourage women to jump into the profession! We are much better communicators, more detail oriented, and articulate both the verbal and written word better in most circumstances. Women trade glamour for grit in the inspection industry, but it’s fun and challenging and a great career fit for adventerous and active females!


Welcome Stephenie! Although I agree with most of what you said, I do disagree with what I quoted. This may be taken from an overall study on overall communication skills, but may not relate to job or skill specific. Not trying to be argumentative, but please provide any reports that say that female HIs have better communication skills than male HIs in reporting technics.


We’ve had many women come through the InterNACHI school in Boulder over the years. There are no limiting factors in women being great inspectors. The “con” that I think women have to confront more than many male inspectors is public perception that activities connected with construction are more of a man’s job.
One minor gripe with the article is the photo. The model in the photo looks like…a model. There are plenty of real women in our biz for a photo of a real female home inspector.


Did you mean to say “techniques”? LOL

Sorry. I couldn’t pass it up.

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Well if that were true, what happened to the Vice President?


:stuck_out_tongue: :shushing_face: :wink: Yes… :crazy_face:

I’m old and have more traditional views toward women that do not come close to the modern opinions that have attempted to erase the majority of the differences between men and women in the workplace and on the military battlefield; however, if I had a choice as a homebuyer between a woman who has been inspecting homes for eight years and a man from the same area who has been inspecting homes for eight years, I’d hire the woman.

I know how much harder she had to work to prove herself in what is a predominantly male dominated profession (and was even more so, eight years ago when she started) and for her to have achieved the eight year mark - knowing that over 90% of men do not make the three year mark - I would consider her more qualified.

I probably said something here that is not woke or whatever you call it, but I meant this to be complimentary to you.


Good point. I discussed in the article that most people who suffer from claustrophobia are women. I didn’t think about the size advantage though.

LOL. That’s Jen. She is a real inspector and member. I’ll let her know you think she looks like a model. . She’s a dear friend of mine.

She is also a builder.

She is also a REALTOR.


Never mind…

Is this an assumption? Can you provide a source? I hope I was able to communicate my question well enough for you.


Ok, before I get yall riled up, I said MOST circumstances. I spent my entire life in the agriculture industry working in male dominated fields before becoming a home inspector, while I have no “studies” or research, I have field experience. And I know men who can communicate and articulate very well… I was just lumping us all into two groups…

Bob, is the VP even female? What is she? Don’t get me started on that mess of female representation! But I did say MOST circumstances… she’s an exception…

Thank you James! we don’t do woke in our house, so you’re all good! We do hard work, grit and determination :slight_smile:

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I’ve worked with women throughout my life doing everything from washing dishes to building multi-hundred million dollar aircraft. With the exception of some physically demanding tasks, such as heavy lifting, I can attest that women are just as capable of performing any and every task that any man can perform, and in many cases they perform better than men.

Man or woman, IMO in the end it boils down to the person, their ambitions, their motivation, and their personal goals that they set for themselves and how far they are willing to go to meet those goals.

The home inspection profession is certainly a good career choice for a woman.


My Dear Friend Bob, Hi…!

I don’t know what happened to the VP. Are you referring to Mike Pence? :crazy_face::flushed::joy::rofl:


No, I mean the CURRENT Vice President. Stupid as a fence post Kamala.


There is a term for promoting a diverse work culture, including women, but the term has become a political dirty word for the anti woke.

I thought he was referring to the other VP from Indiana Dan Quayle. Remember the potatoe?

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I stand (and love) being corrected.
That reminds me that some years ago we had a Los Angeles model as a student at the school. She had a bunch of investment rentals and she attended our school to learn how to inspect her own properties. She had had crusty older guys try to tell her things like “the furnace hopper drive in the burner port is failing and you need to replace the entire unit plus the plenum extension override in the upper column.” Eight of the students did a mock inspection with me on a house. She and only two of the guys went on the 5/12 pitch roof with me.

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