Is there a "recommended" heating rating that works across borders?

This question implies that there’s only one rating that applies internationally. I’m sure this is not the case:

I usually put an 80k BTU unit in my 1,000 SF houses up north.

Another stupid question.
There are hundreds of things that come into play to determine Heating Load for a structure. Don’t even try to do there, and keep away from “Rule of Thumb” stuff in your report.

You can look at the data and compare it with other known houses in the area, just as an observation for you. Outside of that, it’s a worthless guess.


That makes sense but I presume this is a practice question because it could be on the exam. So, I either have to memorize this answer or try to understand how they came to this answer so I can figure it out on the exam, if it shows up there.

If this is an exam question, as indicated David, there are too many variables based on many factors that impact a “correct” answer to that question.

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Yeah, I guess that is my point. Why would they put that in an exam? If they must have a question like this in an exam then why wouldn’t they include some constraints, like climate region or elevation or any of those variables you are referring to? When I see this in a pool of sample exam questions I’m inclined to think it is something I should know. But not in this case.

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