Is this a good idea for make up air?

I was doing another new construction inspection… geesh.

I mentioned to the client it may be a good idea to get another HVAC guy over after the fact.

“Stupid is as stupid does”

fau door and return.JPG

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Was there any combustion air vents inside the Air handler closet? Just curious as I had a mechanical inspector ask what the yellow gas lines were for once. I know there are some very good but overworked county inspectors out there but I have seen or met a few that made me wonder who the hell hired them. Many times it is family members being hired. There was a young girl here some years ago, couldn’t have been over 19 or 20, as a code enforcement officer. She didn’t know wild owl crap from apple butter.

OMG, you have to be kidding. :shock:

No… they simply forgot and sheeted over. Good news is the door frame has a decent seal around it and at bumper/base… doors are cheap, lives aren’t. Attic has plenty of gable and dormer vents, no reason to have done what they did. Have seen this same defect over and over recently. Almost like they were going to use a condensing furnace, or one that mechanically draws combustion air in via an intake pipe, these aren’t.

Keeps ya on yer toes :slight_smile:

I would call and “discuss” this issue and some others… but, it’s pretty much all the same person. Supervisor & employee of this and other departments… smallish town.

Had one about 6 months ago finished basement, furnace within in a closet with louvered doors the return plenum was open to the closet and along side the furnace was a gas water heater. I wrote it up and called the AHJ as they had a approval sticker stuck on the furnace. Code official stated he had discussed the issue with the installing contractor and the home owner at the time and all agreed there was no other way to install. BTW the owner was a gas company employee who knew better