Is this AC unit large enough

Is the TEMPSTAR AC unit large enough, to cool a 2-story, 2800 sq ft house, the model number is N2A3442GKA100.

Thanks in advance for the help.

No Home Inspector I know of considers if the size of the AC is adequate for the home and area.
Leave these decisions to an AC expert .
I do not want to get involved in any thing that is none of my business.
Roy Cooke

Thanks! Roy, I understand. I was just asking for my own information.


There are many things taken into consideration when the size of thge unit is determined…Like how many windows, roofing material, insulation ect.

It appears to be a 3.5 ton unit, which would cover 2100 sq-ft…But again there are other factors to take into consideration. I usually make an advisory comment and not so much as a defect/problem comment because the system may be properly sized.

Here is what I write:

The listing indicates the living space is 2800 Sqft. The cooling system is a 3.5 ton unit capable of cooling approximately 2100 Sqft. If the listing is correct the unit may be potentially undersized. Recommend obtaining the original heat gain/heat loss study to determine if the unit is properly sized.

Anyways, hope this helps.


Thank you!!

Do not forget venting ducts go into that equasion and that a overized one wastes even more energy created by short cycling.

Bob can you explain your statement I am not following you:shock:

Buck for your own information in the state of Ka. it is very reasonable to assume that a 3.5 ton unit especially on a 2800 sq foot two story, the unit is not of the proper size especially if the home is older.

Hi Charlie which part confused you
Ducts needing to be sized or oversized units
Are we talking split unit HVAC.

Confusing to me venting in my world means exhaust, expell. I know getting techie again:p :smiley:

Supply air ducts, Return air ducts

Charlie you are a construction geek.
(compliment intended)

If you are cooling two floors with one unit, it is likely not going to work well unless it has a zone control system. If it does, a 24K Btu unit may work.

There are a lot of other factors to determine comfort besides Btu/hr and house s.f.

Biggest factor is comfort level the occupants expect and how much they want to pay for utility bills. Thirty five years as HVAC contractor in Texas has taught me there is NO rule of thumb. Only load calculations and customer expectations.

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Even the ASHRAE engineers can not get the “comfort Zone” plotted accuratly for all people, age, race & gender!

A manual J calculation should be done by an engineer / AC company to determine the needed capactiy.