Is this aluminum?

1938 house. New 200 Amp panel and service.

Saw these cloth covered wires that looked aluminum but I’m thinking they are more likely tin coated copper. Wasn’t able to look at the ends.

Do you guys agree with me that they are tin coated copper? Or what?

I am thinking tin coated Mark
How old was the home?

1938 house would predate AL wiring for sure Mark.

here’s another thread (1938 house)…

sorry i did not see 1938

Correct. This is not AL wiring. . .

Thanks for the confirmation guys. There were updates to the system, so dating the wiring is difficult. I didn’t think aluminum was cloth coated, but couldn’t remember. Thanks again.

The second picture, at the 30 amp breaker, appears to be aluminum wire.

Yes that one definitely is. I was questioning the cloth covered ones.

My understanding is that aluminum is plastic coated, never cloth coated.

That is correct.

Rubber-insulated cables become brittle over time because of exposure to oxygen, so they must be handled with care, and should be replaced during renovations. When switches, outlets or light fixtures are replaced, the mere act of tightening connections may cause insulation to flake off the conductors. Rubber was hard to separate from bare copper, so copper was tinned, causing slightly more resistance.