Is this dielectric?

Can you determine whether this is a dielectric connection?

Can you say Electrolysis?

That is copper to galvinised and need s a dielectric union peter.
This is a coupling which would screw over both.
These are joined directly together.

For example

I’m not sure I think of it as a ‘dielectric’ (a material or medium that does not conduct electricity), but is is definitely a case of “galvanic corrosion” that should not exist. As mentioned above, what it needs is a ‘dielectric coupling’.

Thanks folks. I knew it was corroding but wanted to be sure it was not some sort of dielectric device that I hadn’t seen (since the connection was not just copper to galvanized, but apparently copper to copper to brass to galvanized - and I could not be sure what might be hidden).

A little off topic but… I have heard a plumber say that he sees more leaky dielectric couplings than he sees problems with direct copper galvanized connetions. Anyone care to comment?

Sounds like a great way to build a service business

  1. removes all dielectric and replaces with dissimilar metal connections
  2. home inspector calls them out for corrosion and leakage potential during a resale
  3. reinstalls
  4. something goes awry a few years down the road
  5. back to #1 and the non-ending cycle continues

That connector looks like brass to me.