Is This Exterior T/P Drain Line OK?

Okay, so the temperature/pressure drain line has to be 6" or less from the floor inside, but what if it is outside? For example, I had one today at the exterior rear wall that was 9" from the ground. Is this acceptable for the exterior? I could see the guy thinking that he could just bring the ground up 3 inches rather than extend the T/P line. :roll:

I don’t think there is a distinction between inside or outside. However, I don’t think I would mention it regardless. I’m not a code inspector. I’m looking for things are are going to affect the habitability and safety of the home. 3 inches on a T/P line really isn’t going to make that big of a difference. (Now 30 inches, I would say something.)

Thanks, Mark. My thoughts exactly - just needed another good thinker! :p:p