Is this OK

Did a scan an a 6000 sq ft house last night and was wondering if this looks OK to you. The darker lines are what I was wondering about. The sun is hitting the other side of this wall.


My thoughts are that the lines are from thicker studs to carry the weight.

Your thoughts please.


Doubled studs.


Just what I thought.


This is a very tall wall. Doubled studs are most likely required for the wind shear factor.

You need cripples under the window to hold the load above.

Good call.

It seems there may be more going on here than just “double studs,” but it is hard to say without more information. Why, for instance, do some of the double studs disappear on the first floor? Why are they so much colder than the single studs? What is the warm area on the frames of the upper windows? And what about all the (recessed?) lights?!? Finally, in the attached copy of your image which I enhanced slightly by boosting contrast, what is the area I’ve circled in black—missing insulation? “Sun on outside” but for how long? What other conditions?

I realize all of these questions may be academic as I was not there and you were. I know I often find students asking similar questions in my courses and, honestly, it can drive one nuts and not be particularly fruitful. On the other hand, it IS, I think, useful to remember how much information may be in an image and to be certain that we’ve accounted for all that is relevant.

Anyway, interesting image. Thanks. Any further details you have that you can share would be of interest, at least to me.

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Wall enhanced.jpg

Wall enhanced.jpg

Missing insulation?

Better/worse thermal break?

Affected by HVAC heat in some areas (air stratification).

The span of the scan is not significant (7C) when you account for the high temp as being the electrical load. There are insulation issues, but how significant can not be determined with the information provided.

Those small insulation areas, compared to the total surface area of that huge wall?

Is it worth ripping the interior and exterior walls when there are no other apparent issues aside from thermal efficiency?

What is the difference between missing and loose?

Give me indoor/outdoor air and indoor wall temps hot/cold and we can determine if missing or loose.

Loose (next to door, missing above door) (rt pic loose vaulted ceiling insl).

While we are on the subject, what is this?


Sun has been out all day and hitting the wall since 12:00PM. It is now 8:00PM. I will attach a Regular pic.


The circled spot is a speaker. Here is the audio and security system.

Any other questions SHOOT


Here is a shot of outside. Do we still need cripples? There is not much weight on the top of that wall. ???



All window/door openings require and have them.

The faded effect up high is lighting heat washing out the scan.

The middle studs are cooler looking because they are in the cooler porch roof area. Lower wall likely had the solar loading.

When doing these interior scans, keep the lights off and the heat/air off or normal to reduce these effects.

Take a look at this image. Taken from the main floor. The other one was from the second floor. There was no lights on in this image. Somebody turned on the lights from the time I was on the main floor to the time I went upstairs. Look close and let me know if I am still missing the cripples. If so please post a picture of cripples so we are on the same page





I would dare say no.

The windows/sun load are blocking good detail.

There seems to be more framing in there than you may need, though I am not used to looking at high snow load stuff.

I’ve noticed that “loose” insulation appears more mottled in color pattern.

Larry I would also agree with that.

It looks to me like that middle section of wall may be better insulated from the sun by the roof section in front of it, also if there are soffit vents in that section of roof you may have additional cooling. I can’t see much of the lower wall but I wonder if you can tell where the collums on the porch are located when looking at it?

What type of siding?
Vertical ferring strips of a material with a high thermal mass ( metal ) vs wood ( low mass)?
Unsealed voids in foam boards under siding?

Look at the picture in post 12. Stucco house