Is this Vermiculite Insulation?

Is this Vermiculite Insulation?

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Yes it is

I concur


Agreed, however it may or may not contain asbestos.

Only lab testing will tell


And it will only tell for that one cubic inch sample you took, and not the one cubic inch sample next to the one you took!


The local lab suggests that you take 4-5 one cup samples from various locations, bag them separately before sending them for testing. The idea is to reduce the concern you mentioned, however you do have point.:wink:

Your point also highlights the the very small concentration of asbestos fibers that may or may not be present in the insulation and the very limited hazard that may or may not be present.:mrgreen:

It is important to point the issue out to clients but it should be put in perspective. Asbestos will not jump out and make you sick. Asbestos related illness develops when a person is exposed to high concentrations of friable fibers over a long period of time.


So one doesn’t need be concerned with the dust that escapes the attic envelope through the ceiling light fixture in your bedroom and falls into your gaping mouth while snoring as you sleep?

Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, the public has been conditioned to believe that all it takes is one fiber of asbestos to mean certain death.

Did you look at the empty bags in the back ground?

Oh yeah, I forgot to check the label in the bag! (rookie mistake!)
Thanks guys for confirming that it is indeed Vermiculite :slight_smile: Nice to learn from the pros here. Cheers!

It might present a problem after 20-30 years Jeff, but I bet the constant snoring would cause a greater problem for the mate. in a much shorter time frame:roll:

I did say the situation should be noted.


Here is the EPA Brochure and what they recommend,
I pass it along in printed format (tri-fold) when found…

The mini-class on Vermiculite recommends making it a restriction on the inspection. Any advice on how to do this in the report, ie-verbage to add making it a restriction on the inspection.

The mini-class on vermiculite recommends making vermiculite a restriction of the inspection. Any advice on how to do that-ie-verbage restricting the inspection report.

and you are saying what… ?

Hey Norman, a good print out for our Canadian clients.

Awesome Jay, thanks a lot.

I’ve only been field training for about 50 hours so far but I already been to 2 houses that had vermiculite insulation. Their main issue was what will happen when they want to sell the house, not so much about health issues.