ISN now fully integrated with InterNACHI's We'll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee.

So the person who doesn’t use the program and who repetitively criticizes the program now thinks he can answer Nick’s conversations from months ago.


The more I think about it, the connivence of having ISN do it for me outweighs any small extra cost. Because quite frankly, managing the Buy Back program can be a pain.

Although now I have go back into ISN and create new inspection types for pre-listings and the other non-purchase inspections. Which is a pain into itself, but at least it’s a temporary inconvenience, but will come with the benefit of tracking how many pre-listings vs purchase I do rather than lumping them all together as I have been.

So guess that ends up being a win-win after all. :wink:

Alright, new inspections types created, and buy back connected to ALL purchase inspections, and one less thing to do from now on. :slight_smile:

Nice work Ian!

I just did the same thing Ian.
Guess I should have had it that way all along.

Thanks Michelle and Dan!


The next official release of ISN (Build 4963) which should be launching early next week has “push on demand” for the Buy Back program. So you can opt in, select any desired automated inspection types you would like. And you can push them on demand (including older inspections as well).

@ jjonas - just to clarify why we have the cherry picking option. It is more for inspection companies performing a larger menu of services. Services which would fall outside of the scope of a residential property inspection. However, furthering, the feature really is designed for owner convenience. Billing and participation regulation is specifically with InterNACHI.

Let me know if any other questions come up about the integration. For those using it already; you’ll be clicking on the blue icon for a “send on demand” when it is released. Look for an automated message from myself when it’s available. We also have some cool updates for mobile and email template sending.

Thanks, Chris

ISN updated this page to provide more information:

Any updates for adding integration to the Nachi home owners news letter?


The current newsletter system doesn’t allow any 3rd-party integration. Our next version, which should be live in approximately 6 months, will. Chris at ISN has already asked about it, so I’m sure they’ll be one of the first partners to do so when it’s live!


The link doesn’t work.

Hi Gary,

Sorry that link above is failing, here is a working link to that page:–internachi-buy-back-guarantee

Please let us know if you need anything else!


Any updated information on this?

Thank you, Chris!

Chris, any update on this tie in with ISN ?


Excellent. I’ve been in the Buyback Program and had it setup with ISN as well. I’m glad it is now fully automated.