It looks like

Tell me what you think.

Brian how old is it?

You may have a Sulfur problem

Four, built in 2007. Well for sprinkler only.

I have not seen much Chinese drywall and was told the copper would have black corrosion that would wipe off with your finger. That corrosion is bad I am sure there will be someone here that will educate us both. (all)

I already wrote the report. I am hoping not to get educated!:shock: (on this)

Where is the air handler? Where is the panel you photoed? Is it the original handler?

Original handler, located in garage cieling alcove, Panel in garage, minor only on three switch cover plates I pulled. Not the original refrigerator.

Many houses had both good and contaminated drywall. Were you able to see any markings on the drywall from the attic? A mix of good and bad drywall could skew the results. Try this web site for more info

Nothing that would definitively identify the problem. Cieling drywall is 5/8" as it is on 24" centers. No walls where the gypsum board on the walls is exposed or behind insulation in the attic.

Did you pull any outlet covers in any of the other rooms to check the ground wires for dis-coloration? Did all of the appliances work?

Brian this site has some good info. In the end all you can do is inform the client what you believe and cover yourself but just the mention can stop a sale justified or not.

The refrigerator had been replaced, the other appliances were original and worked, there were minor discolorations on a few switch connectors that I did uncover. Doesn’t matter, the evidence in those photos was enough for me to reccomend further evaluation since it meets the criteria the CPSC has determined adequate for step 2 which may involve chemical and other testing methods. I am aware that another inspector has previously identified the same conditions (now I am aware none of this was disclosed to the buyer prior to my inspection) and the BUILDER hired another different inspector who apparently says there is no corrosive drywall. I am getting that report sometime tommorrow. Since I base my report on what I observe… it doesn’t matter.

Some other pics

Quite a similarity actually, but dependent on the age and extent of exposure and the environmental factors affecting the structure you could go from 0-120 in nothing flat. This can never be considered a cut and dry issue and we inspecors are likely to be dealing with it a long time.

Brian they could have wiped the corrosion off if they were aware.

Look at the electrical panel photos, someone has clipped some of the neutrals off and reinserted them to different lugs. I know they are aware. We don’t know if they tried to clean anything but those 1/16" coil lines in the airhandler are awfully black. More to come on this tommorrow.

Good luck Brian

Tough call, but the AC coils looked OK to me.

Bottom line, when in doubt, call it out.