Job opportunity for New Inspectors - Philadelphia Based

Hi team,

We are looking for inspectors, to work with us in Philadelphia. The ideal profile, will be a person who just finished the certification, and its trying to get live inspections to add to her/his profile.

We will provide additional training, in good/common practices, to exceed in the process.

In case you are interested please contact me at:

Why are you Spamming the ‘Contractors Forum’ section with this?

If this is an example of your ‘eye for detail’, I think all should avoid you like the plague!

Newbies BEWARE of these types of offers from Non-members!! Very rarely are they a benefit to you or your business!!



Not sure who you are or what you do, but we are real estate investment company, not a person complaining for a job offer that could benefit someone that its starting his career in real estate.

This was posted in the contractors because we are open to partner with any inspection co, that it`s interested, and could offer us good rates too.

Anyway, you can avoid or not read this comment, we are not interested in work with people like you.

You should check your connection.