Join me in congratulating another InterNACHI Scholarship winner, Brooklyn Bryant

Brooklyn Bryant has a high school 3.95 GPA. This past summer she worked in a rehab nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic as a State Tested Nursing Assistant. ![brooklyn-bryant|401x500]

Brooklyn’s scholarship was paid for by Inspection Support Network.

More about the InterNACHI Scholarships.


Congrats Brooklyn and thanks ISN!

Congratulations Brooklyn!

Great work Brooklyn! Congratulations!

Thank you Brooklyn! Congratulations!

Congratulations!!! Very cool!

Congrats, Brooklyn! :partying_face:

Congratulations, Brooklyn Bryant!

Congrats !!!


Congratulations Brooklyn!

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Congratulations Brooklyn!

Awesome, Brooklyn!!!

Super! Congratulations, Brooklyn!

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Great job Brooklyn!!

Great accomplishment Brooklyn!

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