Join me in wishing Arizona member Brian Kelly happy birthday. Member for 15 years.

Happy birthday, Brian!

Nice website: Phoenix Arizona Home Inspector and Home Inspection — Dwelling Doctors LLC

Happy birthday, Brian!..“Last one to reply wins.”

15 years, wow.,h_919,q_70,strp/happy_birthday_astro_boy_by_dragonrider1227_d8oufsc-fullview.jpg

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, Brian!

Happy Birthday Brian!

How do these Birthdays keep happening? I need to unsubscribe from birthdays…

Thank you all.

Hey Brian!!! hb

Probably the best thing I have done for my business Nick. I should have got here sooner… :slight_smile:

How about that CMI thingy?? :twisted:

LOL all good Jeffrey. But I do see someone commented on an interior thread about dual pane windows…

Okay… where’s the “Green Box” button???