Join me in wishing CMI Marcel Cyr happy birthday. Member for 15 years!

Happy birthday, Marcel!

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Marcel!

15 years, wow.

Happy birthday, Marcel!

You’re a great committee member!

Happy Birthday!

Thank You all for the Birthday wishes.
Man doesn’t time fly by. :):wink:

Happy birthday Marcel.
I will always have great memories of our lunch meeting together! :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Marcel. :smiley:

Happy Birthday, Marcel!

Happy Birthday Marcel !

Thanks guys, had a nice lazy day. :wink:

Happy Birthday, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Happy Birthday my good man

Thank You everyone for the nice Birthday Wishes. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Marcel

Happy Birthday Marcel!

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Sorry I missed your birthday should I send you a box of chocolates;-):wink:

Thanks Charley, I’m all set on the chocolates. LOL:)