Join me in wishing Michigan CMI® Michael Bazzo a happy birthday. Member for 16 years

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Nice website:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Michael!

I hope you enjoy your day and you and yours are health and happy, downstate there!

Happy Birthday Mike !

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Happy birthday Michael.

Happy Birthday, Michael!

Happy Birthday!

Another 16-er!
You on the 11th, me on 10th - Best of health & fortune, Mike!

Happy birthday Michael

Been awhile since I was last here. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated.

Happy Birthday Mike and come around more often. :wink:

Where ya Been, buddy? I hope you enjoyed your Birthday and that you are good! :smile:

Been burning the candle at both ends for both personal and business reasons. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot going on here. In fact, it’s been so long since I’ve been here, navigating the new site is challenging…LOL

Gotcha,…carry on. :smile: