Joists hacked to install Glass Block window

Did an inspection for a fine young police officer in Toledo yesterday
Neat 1929 tudor but it has been modified by the owners over the years.

Take a look at the glass block installation.

besides hacking the joists pretty badly , they are actually resting on the
top tier and mortar.

The joists have 1/4" and 5/16" gaps from the rim respectively .

I’m recommending laminating the rim in between the two joists and on
the outer sides with a 2x6 to build it out then using joist hangars to relieve the load on the glass below.

Ok what would you do ?

Wishing all of you the best this holiday season . :o

They could of least tried to hide it!!! I agree

It really is not your job to design the repair.

Leave it and the liability that goes with to others. JMHO

True, but I do so when it’s obvious. Mike has a good point if you have any doubts

Yeah honestly it’s the builder/engineer in me always surfacing .
I need to make a new years resolution and promise to make 2014
easier for myself and less liable… Call it out and move on .

other than that , keep my yap shut .

Kind of looks like that opening configuration is original, even if the glass block was a retrofit. I wouldn’t comment on design fixes either as a HI.

FYI - I don’t think glass blocks like those are allowed to carry any loads

Randy is correct, glass blocks are not load bearing.
Some believe that because they are installed like blocks with mortar that they can support weight from above.

Think of it this way. If a lintel, header or equivalent is existing to receive a window in an outside wall, the same would apply for a glass block panel or window.


These look like old cut from the original window.

They sure did that the hard way!

If there was a window there before, shouldn’t there have been a lentil as well? All they would have had to do, was cut the glass block or get the right size block and install it.

From the sill plate I presume.
If I spotted no splitting, and the floors above looked level without dips or humps I would just move along.