Just found this site.

Hi everybody,
I just found this board yesterday.I live in N.W. Indiana about 30 miles south of Gary.I’m 46 years old and thinking of A career change.I saw a article in a business magazine on home inspection and soon became very interested.I’ve been a heavy equip. operator for about 20 years and I’m getting very tired of bouncing and banging around inside a machine all day.Is there anyone out there in my area that could possibly help me out or i could talk to???
Thank you
Tom Bowers

Take this free exam, it will tell you where you are weak or if you should even consider this business http://www.nachi.org/aboutexam.htm

If you do really well, continue fulfilling the membership requirements at www.nachi.org/membership.htm

If you fail by a little, take some education at www.nachi.org/education.htm

If you fail horribly, perhaps your life experiences are in an area that won’t help you much in your pursuit of an inspection career. In other words, maybe this business isn’t for you… in which case, join ASHI… they take any warm body that has $ http://www.ashi.org/inspectors/join/candidate_application1.htm

"Just found this site."

Whew! Thanks so much–we were wondering where we left it…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just razzin’ a little—we do that here.

Good idea to join NACHI if you’re thinking about become…whatever it is we are. The education on this board is second to none. Good luck, and hope to see “NACHI member” under your name soon…

Try to attend an educational event first, before you decide on a career change. Here: www.nachi.org/events.htm


Get enrolled in your local Community College Take some courses on Building Science and Code courses, this will help you decide for sure that this is what you really want to do.

If you have any further questions just post them here and Nick will answer them all!!:slight_smile:

Tom Bowers

Hear you were in heavy equipment.

Are you a Cat man or a Deere man.
I was brought up in the woods of Northern Aroostook, and loved the Deere Controls. I bet you, your a Cat. ha. ha.

Listen to the advice on the above posts and you are always welcome on this board where all of these members are with open arms and we will help you all we can and/or be guided in the right direction.
No other Organization like this one for Educational Benifets.
Hoping to see you on this Board in the near future as a Member.

Good Luck.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Cat is best but the 3 sticks on a Case are easier to learn on. Case is pretty much useless out here in Colorado where rock clauses are silly… it’s all rock here. Great for farm work though.

I live in Texas but if you ever need to talk to someone,
call me toll free at 888-818-4838.

Research this very well and do not apply for all the
home study coarses you see on TV or magazine ads.

Find out what your state requires and perhaps they
can point you to approved shcools as well.

Ask lots of questions on this board, people here are
very helpful. There will always be someone who will
help you.

Good luck.

Hi Tom,

Here is a link to the Indiana Licensing Board. It will tell you everything you need to know.



Good site Larry!

Thanks for all the help guys and the many sites to look at.Nick I also learned on case equip. before going to the big stuff like A cat d8 and a cat 350 hoe.

                                                       Thanks again

I’m a newbie at this inspection stuff, but have 35 yrs in the bldg trades. I can’t stress enough the value of in class education as opposed to online. And IMHO the longer the better. I chose a 160 hr four week class, and even with that I still feel a bit inadequate at times.
Like Nick recommended, use the online NACHI ed courses, cool and free. Then find the longest most intense course you can muster.
Good luck!

If all else fails, you are invited to contact our local Representative.


NACHI Member, Mr. Ken Jones, a Professor at Purdue University, is very active in education for Home Inspectors.


I agree with you about “on-line” courses but if you don’t have access[or time for travel] to a school than I think it makes sense.