Just got out of the FL Construction Industries Licensing Board (CILB) meeting.

The FL CILB approved our free, online Wind Mitigation course for 9 hours. :smiley:


Vote was unanimous BTW.

Was there ever a doubt? :cool:

So! Since I’ve already take the course will I get the credit retroactively ?

I don’t think so.


So this is for Contractor’s Licensing, right? It was already approved for Home Inspection licensing, correct?

Crap !


Is the CE’s good for Division 1 contractors, GC’s-CB’s & RC’s ?. They need to have 8 hrs general and 1 hr wind mitigation CE’s for a total of 9 hrs of CE’s. Is that the 9 hrs you speak of ?

Yes. It is both DBPR approved for home inspectors (16 hours) and CILB approved for contractors (9 hours).

If CILB approved, then good for Div I contractors. This is what I have been waiting for. 8 general hours (only 7 required), with 1 hr for wm. Still need 6 more hours of VERY DRY required CILB hours.

WOW…very nice work Nick thank you !

Thank you again Nick!

Nice Job Nick and Nachi crew!

Credit goes to you too John.

Thanks Nick, but the approvals are the hard part. Ben did a large part also.

Thank you too Lisa! :wink: