Kitchen outlets

I performed an inspection in a new home in Maryland. The kitchen outlet circuits had a 20 AMP Square D breaker, 12/2 wiring and 15 AMP outlets. The circuits did have GFCI outlets within six feet of the sink area. In my report I wrote that the outlets must be 20 AMP.

The electrician stated that his installation complied with the NEC. I do not have a copy of the NEC book.

How can this be safe with the weakest link in the circuit being the outlet. I thought that NEC required 20 AMP breakers, 12/2 wiring, GFCI protection and 20 AMP outlets in new construction kitckens.

A 15 amp duplex receptacle is permitted on a 20 amp circuit. The electrician is correct. And GFCI protection is required for all receptacles serving the countertop not just those within 6’ of the sink. Look at 210.24 in the 2008 NEC.

Sorry Lee, but you were incorrect on this. As RM said, the GFI protection is for all receptacles serving the countertops, not just within 6’.

A 15 amp receptacle is rated for twenty amp feed-thru. In fact the only difference is the 20 amp has the different slot configuration.

The only time the receptacle would need to be 20 amp would be if it were the only spot to plug in on the circuit. A standard duplex receptacle counts as two places.

BTW, when was the last time you saw something that had a 20 amp cordcap?

I see that you don’t have the NEC. You can view it online here:

Yes, two or more 15 amp receptacles on a 20 amp circuit is permitted. A duplex receptacle is considered two receptacles. Here’s the relevant info/table from the NEC: