Kiyosaki: Biggest crash in world history coming in October

Just another crackpot… :doughnut:

This guy is a major asshole who hasn’t a clue about the demographics driving the market.


“Stock Market Crash: Expert Warns That 80% Drop in S&P 500 Awaits” Stock Market Crash: Expert Warns That 80% Drop in S&P 500 Awaits

Blind Mouse - predict gloom and doom constantly. Eventually, he’ll be right and claim he’s a prophet.


He’s been predicting a gradual economic decline for years, due to an aging baby boomer demographic spending less money in retirement. Half of us are driving cars and trucks that are 15 to 25 years old. The only thing that has kept the stock markets (and the housing market) afloat is unreasonably low interest rates. That and the economic chaos caused by the Plandemic and “free money” (that our children and grandchildren will have to pay back) have created an artificial economic environment that gives the illusion of being sustainable.

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Oh yeah, I am on board with all this. On a large scale we’re totally screwed. The only good news for housing in the somewhat short term is the government can’t raise interest rates any reasonable amount since they can’t afford to pay interest on all the money they print/borrow. If rates went up any real amount the housing market would be screwed (along with the rest of the economy I suppose).

Pre-pandemic I thought property was a safe investment but all of the sudden the government can seize our real estate by not forcing people to pay rent. So, now I don’t know. Stock market? Yikes (but, of course, I have some money there). My wife has some vacation rentals that do pretty well. Except, they are in Hawaii and the government can shut down the whole island so even that’s dicey. In the end I still think property is the best place to plant money long term but everything is scary these days.


You’re lucky.
Where I am the rules offer lifetime tenancy, no matter how nice or problematic the tenant is.

“Jesus is coming look busy”

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Look what crashed in my yard tonight.

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