Knob and tube: heat's the main problem?

I would just love to see you after you come out of one of our Canadian attics.
The attic entrance is usually in a closet full of clothes the insulation is 8 inches of cellulose and about a bushel will be stuck on you .
Did One home that had 17 inches of cellulose in attic.
This will be all over the closes in the Closet and the floor.
You sure will not be too popular .
I did one today and just opening up the attic entrance down came about a bushel .
Burned out the Vacuum trying to get it cleaned up .
There was no barrier in this new home .
How do you find the Joice’s to walk on in 130 degrees sweat in you eyes and dust every where .
I never even got the entrance door open today.
I like RAYMOND only look into attics from the hatch seldom go further.

Roy Cooke sr …

We only wish for 130 deg attics. That’s considered balmy down here in Florida in the summer. :wink: It cheaper than belonging to the spa.

We have some homes with an additional attic access in a closet but the vast majority have pull down ladders located in the garage or there bouts. I have had to disclaim a couple of attics in 12 yrs but not many. Even find one or two that do not even have an access on occasion.

If there’s headroom, and it looks like there might be problems (How honest are you with yourself when it’s 120 deg. in the attic?) I feel like I have to go. I feel for joists with my feet, wear thin overalls, a painters hood, goggles and a HEPA respirator (just like the crawspace) and hate every minute.

But when I’m back down and it’s all cleaned up, I take pride in having made the effort, especially when I squirm through that cut-out in the roof sheathing to the secondary roof and find what the builder assumed I’d be too lazy to find. Making the extra effort makes me feel like a kick-A$$ inspector.
And makes me look forward to the days when my business progresses to the point at which I can hire employees. -Kent


You are an honest person! :mrgreen:

So you walk through R32 or more of insulation… do you carry a rake to rake out the voids created from where you walked? Are you going to ensure by walking on the joists you have not created cracks in the ceiling?