Knob & Tube first

I’ve not run across this before - Any issues? thanks TG

Yes, heat buildup. K&T relies on free moving air to stay cool. Wrte it up, Danno!

Thanks Guys, I knew it wasn’t correct, but a local electrician found nothing wrong with plastic over the K&T.


I don’t see an issue either. The plastic will not retain that much heat.

Okay… then write it up for the barrier being installed improperly! Either way, it’s wrong!!! :twisted:

I don’t think it’s that the plastic will build up heat, but that the plastic prevents free movement of air around the K&T, that will cause the wires to heat up, no? I have never seen knob and tube, but I hear there is still some places around here with it.

You should also have your client check with their insurance company. Some companies around here won’t insure a house with knob and tube.

State Farm is one of them. My Son-In-Law is an Agent. :slight_smile:

You are correct Kathleen. :wink:

Thanks Jeffrey, just wanted to check, never having seen or dealt with it I am only going by what I have read. Good to know I remembered something :slight_smile:

Knob and tube was installed Before 1950 . It is an obsolete Type of wiring that is not suited for today’s equipment and should be immediately upgraded

I’m not disagreeing with you but would you actually put that wording into an inspection report?

Yes .
I expect I am one of a very few left who took Knob and Tube at Trade school .
Proper method of soldering with a Blow torch to heat the dip pot and the big old Copper Soldering iron .

LOL I doubt many are qualified to solder it properly.
Side note is nobody mentioned double insulating conductors as a no no.

Please explain, and be specific.

Robert, I think we agree that his statement would never fly in the States. Knob & Tube is NOT in and of itself a material defect.

I would be surprised if any electrician would disagree with My statement .

I am hired to tell it like it is and it is obsolete… Roy

Just what I said Roy.
Double insulation .

That’s what I was getting at. I forgot that Roy is north of the border. :smiley: