Lake Area Home Inspections, Inc. Flyer

A flyer for Lake Area Home Inspections, Inc. has been added to the marketing library:

This flyer was personalized from template number 5008. If you would like to have one of our templates re-designed for your business, send me an email at Designs are free for all InterNACHI members!

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Rich does all of InterNACHI’s printing, including all of our inspection text books, business cards, envelopes, signs, forms, emblems, labels, etc… and he has for many years.

		  			**Congratulations on your new Brochure design! 

Jessica, Levi and Akiko are so creative!**

We would like to offer you **$50.00 **off your first order and FREE matching business cards!! Just type “jessica” all lower case in the coupon field.

As InterNACHI’s Platinum approved printing vendor we at would like to personally oversee your printing needs and have your brochure printed on 100# text Go Green® Premium recycled paper with an aqueous coating and folded so they look great. That’s what we have done for over a decade for all of Nick’s brochures, and our brochures are inexpensive:
1000 is only 35.8 cents each
2500 is only 18.32 cents each
5000 is only 11.7 cents each.

Just go to the link below to order and Jessica will send us your file.…77&ParentCat=6

Seeing how much “The Meeker” dislikes these threads, I’m surprised he hasn’t reported them as “Spam” !!!

I’m thinking about it. :mrgreen:

The office must be getting caught up now that Nick’s playing in Vegas.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but they are NOT InterNachi owned. They are an independant business.

I am under the impression that Jessica is an InterNachi employee.
InterNACHI: Boulder, CO
Marketing Director 2011-Present
Provide design services for all members of the organization,
create new marketing strategies, branding, print materials

Also has a side business.

Not sure who gets the money for the brochures.

It can’t be INachi, it’s a nonprofit organization. :wink:

Rich handles all of InterNACHI’s printing needs, as well as providing discounts for members.

His printing services are not connected to InterNACHI’s Marketing Department-we refer him based on quality of work, no profit is made on our end.

He’s great to work with, someone over there just got a little post-happy.

Yes Chris, I should have been clearer… Certified Nachi Store is not affiliated with InterNachi. CNS is a for-profit business, where Nachi is a non-profit Organization. I didn’t want any of the new members to get confused, as is easy to do on this website with limited factual information.

Thanks for the input Jessica.

Btw… Not to add even more confusion… but, I thought Nick purchased printing presses a few years ago, so he could do his own printing?

I’ve never heard of this, but I’ve only been here since January. It’s probably safe to assume that this idea didn’t end up being cost effective.

Not positive, but I think this link was part of the announcement… InterNACHI publishes inspection industry newspaper.

Or any of us old members. :???::margarit:

Especially! :mrgreen: