Large File Won't Upload

I’ve never had this come up BUT, we used a commercial roofer on a job and his pdf file is 15mb by itself without our inspection report.

HG won’t let us upload it. Its after hours. Anybody know how to do this???

Just realized that my asst started using his phone instead of his digital camera.

Almost everyone of his Pics are 2 or 3 or 4 mb instead of say 130kb

The report is done … Buyer almost out of time on contract and I can’t figure out how to upload a file that says its 51mb

Anybody know how


Upload to dropbox and send client a link with pw to download. It’s free up to 2GB of space.

The standard file size limit with Home Gauge is 30 MB. You can pay for larger files sizes (per month) but that won’t help you tonight.
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Your best bet for an immediate report delivery is to print to PDF (many ways to do this) and send that to the buyer.
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Thanks guys … Shancey helped me get it out tonight

Clear the cache. Cache on your phone or desktop is useful because it makes files load faster, but it can also cause a few unexplained problems. Files may not sync or some of them may not open in your browser.