Largest event in the inspection industry is online again: December 11, 2023

Here’s how it works: Throughout the party, InterNACHI® will post on the message board about gifts that inspectors can win by replying to the thread. Be sure to read the original post. Sometimes there are questions to answer in your reply or other terms explained to win. (And if you have any questions about how to participate, please post that, too!)

Here’s some information about this year’s event, and how you can help it go smoothly:

  1. As always, the party is being hosted by Cozy Coats for Kids®, a registered charity funded by the inspection industry. On the day of the party visit the forum thread titled “Cozy Coats for Kids” on InterNACHI’s message board .
  2. If you’re an InterNACHI® member, log into the message board. If you don’t know your member username or password, visit this link: If you aren’t logged in, the delay from moderation will likely prevent you from winning.
  3. Be sure to read the posts for instructions thoroughly. Some posts will include questions to answer. Questions may be related to inspections, general trivia, apparel sizes, or other prompts. We will skip those who don’t follow the instructions and ship the item to the next person.
  4. If you already own the gift that’s currently being offered, or if you won it last year, please don’t take it. Allow someone else to win it. You can also post the word “Pass” and we’ll ship it to the next person who posts in that thread.
  5. Canadian members can’t win certain infrared products due to laws restricting the shipment of such items to Canada.
  6. Some gifts are for certain members only. For example, the “We’ll Buy Your Home” Guarantee rack cards are only for participating members of . And Certified Master Inspector® products are only for Certified Master Inspectors®, etc.
  7. We will ship to the address you have in your member profile. Now would be a good time to make sure your address is accurate by going to
  8. A few gifts (not very many, though) are being offered directly by industry vendors, so the winner will have to contact those vendors directly to claim their prize.
  9. We expect to pack and ship four truckloads of gifts for winners after the party. To save money, we’ll choose the least expensive shipping option, so some gifts will arrive after Christmas. Gifts shipped to Canada might arrive after the New Year.
  10. Finally, we encourage you to make a donation in any amount to Cozy Coats for Kids ®, a registered charity supported by the home inspection industry. :gloves: :snowflake: :snowman: Everyone who donates will have their home inspection company’s contact information, logo, and a live link to their home inspection website posted on the Cozy Coats for Kids® Donors Page at … forever.

Merry Christmas!


How about members in other countries like South Korea, Mexico, South Africa, etc.?


They can’t win IR camera products.


Free ReportHost narratives are being given out every hour on the hour, is what I heard. :grimacing:


Those too will be snatched up by the once a year visitors…

…hopefully. :grimacing:

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Anything to distract them from when the new truck is given out. I’m getting that thing this year!


You wish…



:partying_face: We’re announcing the gifts donated by vendors on this thread: InterNACHI's 2023 Online Christmas Party: Gifts Donated by Vendors