Last Minute Colorado Meeting

Chapter Restructuring & Elections for Colorado NACHI and the Denver Chapter of NACHI on May 29, 2006

The Colorado chapter is changing, as well as the Denver chapter. Be there to be a part of the change.

I’d like to be there to be with my old co-founding Colo NACHI compadres.
Good fortune to you all!

Elections, elections, elections :stuck_out_tongue: .

This is bull you announce a meeting with elections with only 4 hours notice.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: </IMG></IMG></IMG>

When I got to my computer today, I found a notice about a Colorado NACHI meeting yesterday. Structure changes and general election? It’s not OK to do that to the membership without due notice. Posting a notice on the weekend, and having a meeting on the holiday, are not ethically OK. :frowning:

Please let me and the other Colorado NACHI members know more about what’s going on, and please plan to schedule this sort of thing with plenty of notice. I suspect that if major decisions were made at the 5/29 meeting, there could be questions about their legitimacy.

I need more info. I know that I’m not a frequent meeting attender, since I live outside the metro area. But if it relates to Colorado NACHI (as opposed to Denver NACHI), then I need to be duly informed.

Michael, it is not us, we announce meetings the day we get notice of them from the Chapter heads. We agree that it is last minute, hence the title of this thread. Chapters need to give us more notice if they want their meetings advertised properly.

James, we don’t know. You would have to contact those Chapters to find out what it is about.

Gee. With elections perhaps they didn’t want it announced properly?

Who knows? I’d like to say “weird” but I need a new word.

Spin the wheel of adjectives Nick! :wink:

(but I think you knooooooow it was underhanded…OOOH! An adjective!!!) :smiley:

Try “interesting”.

It worked for Spock, says RR . . .

I have some really good words but they are all nouns and will probably just cause more problems for you.

You know NACHI has at least one Chapter that has been meeting regularly for over 2 years and never tells anyone… ever.

I finally figured out why one day… they group market.

We meet almost every month. Meet at a local restaurant at 7 a. m. and have a nice country breakfast, then have some training, followed by “Liars’ Fest” or who has seen the worst POS since last month. Usually done by 9 A.M. and everyone saddles up and goes out to their first inspection. It doesnt always have to be a carnaval.

How can any decisions from this meeting be considered valid! When only a handful of people are present. If this is the way the local chapter works, not sure I want any part of it.

Not sure you are a part of meetings you don’t know about. Anyway, this is the basis for our policy of permitting any and every individual NACHI member the right and ability to form his/her own chapter. It speaks to the member-driveness of NACHI.

Some like the carnavals, some like to meet at a Diner booth.

Whomever wasn’t notified of the meeting well in advance, since elections were held, has a right to challenge any decision made at the meeting since it wasn’t made by a majority of the members, who weren’t given time to respond.

I agree it doesn’t always have to be a carnival and can be a pre-arranged ongoing meeting. But EVERYONE should know about it. Holding elections where there is a major shift in governance, without giving certain or most members a chance to be there, is very dishonest. (Come on, give us a noun!) :wink:

Sorry for all the commotion this last minute election has caused. In fact it wasn’t a last minute meeting at all - a misunderstanding to say the least. Nominations were chosen and all parties interested will have the appropriate time to brings their concerns and their votes.

Again, sorry for the confusion. But sure got everyone going. It’s going to be a great election!

If certain members didn’t know anything about it, then how could it NOT be last minute or unadvertised?

Must have been a good old boys meeting. While we are here let’s nominate each other. I am with Wendy on this one.

Bryant just emailed me… it was a goof up in the date. No meeting took place last night according to him. No election took place.