leaky basement due to gaps under egress window and......

some deteriorated rod holes and a previously injected foundation wall crack
INSIDE view… Mark Anderson - Mark Anderson posted a video to his timeline.
Ya see? lol

Ok here is short video of the gap under the egress window, the gap is WHY and where water was entering in this area
Mark Anderson - egress window New Baltimore, had large gaps under the stupid sill | Facebook
ya dig?

no water since we were there, what’s it been… 3 years or so i think.

Now, do you want to determine/identify/find the actual reasons/problems of why you leak or would you rather install something like this frenchieee fryyy drain and then hope and pray every time it rains…
1:10 he erroneously claims, “There’s no threat for the water to get in through the egress window”…???
hey, of course there is still a threat for water to get in, the same threat because he didn’t bother to or want to find/identify and then fix/repair the actual problem (s)! C’mon man. And i’ll bet anyone he charged more for water diverting than what we did in video

Why bother with all that? Just bring in dirt and extend downspouts - these two things fix all basement water issues and homeowners can save a ton of money.