Legislative call MUST BE done Mon and Tues

TREC is waiting for the Texas legislative session to end then they will pass a Rule to prevent limitation of liability. Very devious of them. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ySoMRxqmAo

Texas legislature is in the final process of passing a new TREC bill.

It is unlikely this can be done but your comments ARE VERY IMPORTANT. They will shine a light on this topic for the next step in this battle. We need visibility. I will explain later.

Contact Committee Chairman Kelly Hancock at https://senate.texas.gov/member.php?d=9

Contact Bill sponsor Robert Nichols at https://www.senate.texas.gov/member.php?d=3

Contact Gov Abbott at https://gov.texas.gov/apps/contact/opinion.aspx

Say something like this. Amend SB624 to allow the public and inspectors to negotiate limits of liability in a written contract.